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Darkroom Ecology

Scott Hunter Scott Hunter is an environmental artist and photographer using experimental photography to explore the rich biodiversity of post-industrial sites. His Darkroom Ecology project explores nature-based solutions to harmful chemicals used in analogue photography. In this session , Scott will provide an artist talk introducing his recent project at Bandeath Munitions Depot, guidance on

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The Story of the Argaty Beaver

Tom Bowser In November 2021 a family of beavers was spared a death sentence and, in a landmark moment in Scottish history, the were relocated to Argaty, a working farm near Doune, Perthshire. Never before had beavers destined to be culled been relocated to a new area of Scotland instead. In this illustrated presentation Tom

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Sucking Nectar from Summer Clover

Ted Leeming In 2021 Ted focussed his lens towards two explorations based around the theme of habitat biodiversity. “No Mow May” provided the inspiration for the first project, as he watched in astonishment at what replaced the grass of their lawn when the mower fell silent and a magical new world appeared. Through the eyes

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Writing with Colour – a Tale of Two Countries

Morag Paterson A talk of wanders and wonders illustrated with chromatograms created using soil and foliage collected from the southern uplands of Scotland and the Ligurian hinterland in Italy. Morag will tell a layperson’s story, gently meandering through various topics, including how land is managed differently in her two respective back yards; biodiversity and predators,

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A Belowground Safari

Dr. François-Xavier Joly, Lecturer in Soil Ecology More than a quarter of the Earth’s total biodiversity lives hidden where we rarely look: under our feet. Indeed, soils are much more than the dirt on which we walk; they are a habitat for a wide range of diverse organisms. And together, these organisms form an extraordinary

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How does the food we eat affect biodiversity?

Dr Richard Newton Ever wondered what the global environmental and biodiversity impact of the food choices we make through their supply chains is? Join Dr Richard Newton, a research fellow in the University of Stirling’s Institute of Aquaculture whose research centres around measuring the environmental footprints of food systems, as he talks about how supply

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Planting for pondlife

Froglife Help us support our native amphibians and pond life through planting! We will be increasing the biodiversity and improving the water quality through the planting of native wetland and aquatic species of plants. This will increase oxygen in the water, increase diversity and number of invertebrates and support our amphibians’ friends in these lovely

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Bat Walk & Talk

Join Bat Conservation Trust & University of Stirling on a bat walk around Stirling University Campus to find out more about the diversity of bats in the area, and the important role they play in the natural world. Bat detectors will be provided. The route is along a mixed terrain path and approx. 2km in

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Flower Insect Timed (FIT) Counts Workshop

Buglife Join Buglife to learn about pollinators and how to join in with helping to track pollinator abundance and diversity. This is a workshop aimed at beginners training to identify pollinators and how to carry out FIT Count surveys.

Campus Tree Walk

Self-guided walk The tree walk starts in the Arboretum, across from the golf course.The last private owners of the Airthrey Estate were the Graham family who consulted with the famous Scottish botanist and plant hunter George Forrest on trees to plant in the arboretum. Download the map here and immerse yourself in the relaxing beauty

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