A Belowground Safari

Dr. François-Xavier Joly, Lecturer in Soil Ecology

More than a quarter of the Earth’s total biodiversity lives hidden where we rarely look: under our feet. Indeed, soils are much more than the dirt on which we walk; they are a habitat for a wide range of diverse organisms. And together, these organisms form an extraordinary machinery upon which our lives depend…

In this walk across the University of Stirling campus, we will take a look into this rarely-seen yet amazing belowground safari. I can guarantee that we will spot millipedes, woodlice, snails, earthworms, springtails, and perhaps more! I will show you some of the methods that we can use to look at these organisms and discuss the importance of these hidden creatures.

Max 30 paticipants

11am – 12 noon

Sun 18th Sept 2022

University of Stirling

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