The Story of the Argaty Beaver

Tom Bowser

In November 2021 a family of beavers was spared a death sentence and, in a landmark moment in Scottish history, the were relocated to Argaty, a working farm near Doune, Perthshire.

Never before had beavers destined to be culled been relocated to a new area of Scotland instead.

In this illustrated presentation Tom Bowser tells the story of the Argaty beaver project and discusses the future of beavers in Scotland.

Tom is a sought after public speaker, author and supporter of the Stirling Photography Festival. This year in partnership with the Festival of Biodiversity, we are delighted to feature Tom and the tales of his beaver project on our joint programme.

A haven for nature lovers, conservationists and photoraphers, learn more about the work of Argaty here

3.30pm – 5pm

Saturday 17th Sept


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