Sucking Nectar from Summer Clover

Ted Leeming

In 2021 Ted focussed his lens towards two explorations based around the theme of habitat biodiversity.

“No Mow May” provided the inspiration for the first project, as he watched in astonishment at what replaced the grass of their lawn when the mower fell silent and a magical new world appeared. Through the eyes of an ant he wanders the fantastical lands of the pollen makers through the seasons passed as the bees buzzed.

In the second, he re-visioned the groundbreaking Leeming & Paterson “Zerofootprint” concept 12 years after the original body of work. On this occasion he observes habitat biodiversity across a range of different land use types in Galloway, Scotland in an attempt to better understand the impacts of different human interventions on the countryside.

In this new talk Ted links these two local projects to highlight not only the global perils facing habitats as they are slashed, burned and sterilised in the name of profit, perfection and progress, but also the resilience and speed with which nature can react when allowed the chance to breath.

Ted’s work is focussed towards issues and themes linked to climate change, biodiversity and human-environmental interactions. Personally, he seeks to carry out his work with a minimised footprint, be it travelling on foot, by bike on projects local to home, or using public transport where possible for more distant trips.

7pm – 9.30pm

Sunday 18th September


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